Corporate Responsibility

Since our founding in 1991, Dora L. International has been committed to serving our customers with a focus on sustainability, customer-centricity, and respect for all staff and workers. We carefully select our manufacturing partners and are constantly looking to a future of innovation and creativity while ensuring superior workmanship and a meaningful and fulfilling work environment for all.

3D Virtual Sampling

A cornerstone of our efforts is 3D Virtual Sampling. This investment by DLI leverages technology to be more earth-friendly and brings products to market faster – all with an eye on the bottom line. Virtual sampling curtails the amount of manual sampling and helps reduce excessive material waste and water.

3d mockup
black bras closeup


Sustainability is our focus and our goal. Our commitment is to follow the best path for the environment and wellbeing.

DLI uses recycled nylon and spandex into core bra materials such as fabric, lace and trims, and lining cups with recycled spacer or double-knit material for beautiful body. We are also using bio-based synthetic fibers from natural materials that reduce the amount of petroleum-based ingredients in the final product.